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By the Great Wall of China

Pandas and partnership: Was Xi's trip to the US successful? AFP News, November 2023.

To Seton Hall University professor Zheng Wang, Xi's first US visit in six years and the Biden-Xi summit symbolize "a potential turning point" in bilateral ties after the hostility of recent years.

"We've witnessed a trade war, technology conflicts, and the far-reaching impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

And now Biden will be managing his reelection campaign while monitoring war in Ukraine and tensions in the Middle East, while Xi navigates China's economic challenges and the perpetual intrigue of politics at the top of the Communist Party. A former foreign minister has gone missing and the whereabouts of the defense minister remain unclear.

"Stable and constructive US-China relations are therefore needed for both sides," Wang said.

Policy Opinions and Editorials

Zheng Wang: What Role Does Nationalism Play in China Today?, Unravel, Dec, 2022

Hans Gutbrod: Russia's Recent Invasion of Ukraine: the Just War Perspective, Global Policy, May, 2022

Fredline M'Cormack-Hale, Carolyn Logan: Some Africans - But Not All - Are Happy with the Quality of their ElectionsThe Washington Post, November, 2021

David Wood, Vance Crowe: Working in Violent Settings and Mediating Conflict, November, 2021. Apple Podcast.


David Wood, Hans Gutbrod: Turkey Will Never Recognize the Armenian Genocide, Foreign Policy, June, 2021

David Wood, Joseph Huddleston: The best way to help Yemenis survive might not be what aid organizations think, (Collaboration between CPCS and Diplolab), The Washington Post, April, 2021


Joseph Huddleston, David Wood: Conflict Has Changed Yemen's Economy - What that Means for Peace, (Collaboration between CPCS and Diplolab), Political Violence at a Glance, April, 2021


Fredline M'Cormack-Hale: Africans want elections, but fewer believe they work, The Washington Post, February, 2021

Joseph R Huddleston: Biden Can Backtrack on Trump's Move in Western Sahara, Foreign Policy, Jan, 2021

Sara Bjerg Moller: It will take more than a Biden Victory to Solve NATO's Strategic Malaise​, War on the Rocks, September, 2020 

Zheng Wang: The US-China Relationship is a Shakespearean Tragedy, The Diplomat, August, 2020.​

R. Joseph Huddleston Can John Bolton Thaw Western Sahara's Long-Frozen Conflict?Foreign Policy, May, 2019

Zheng Wang, Sending an Ultimatum to Kim Jong-un, The Diplomat, August, 2017.

Zheng Wang, Trump and Xi Need a Time-out, Foreign Policy, January, 2017.

Reconciliation through the media

in Libya

The Center is supporting ongoing media work on COVID-19 in Libya through the Health Diplomacy in Libya project. This media work has the purpose of building public support for a national response to COVID-19 across the conflict divide. The We Are All Responsible Network members bring together health care workers from all parts of the country. The Network's weekly Scientific Information sessions and Best Practice Case Study sessions have been effective at providing needed information on the current conditions on the ground, as a contribution to efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.


This important work has attracted national Libyan media stations on both sides of the political divide to broadcast stories on the efforts of the We Are All Responsible Network. Network members have held over 20 media interviews in support of national unity of the healthcare sector and in combating Covid-19. They have appeared multiple times on Libya TV (Bel Merssd), Al-Hadath (Al-Hadath) and Al Wasat (Hadaa al Masaa). Particularly critical to highlight is the representation of the Network members from all parts of Libya on both Western and Eastern media programs, presenting a united front in building bridges across conflict divides.

To learn more about the Center's work in Libya, please click here.

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