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Training and Mentoring

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies serves as a capacity and skill development resource to those working on or in conflict. This encompasses dialogue skills, mediation skills, cross-cultural conflict management skills, and practical peace programming. The Centre has a history of providing support to diplomats, to official government bodies focused on peace and conflict issues, to international and national non-governmental organisations, and to academics and students. This has included support for GIZ's (Germany) program development in Libya and Yemen, through Integrated Peace and Conflict Assessments of their projects, and support for the FDFA's Human Security Division (Switzerland) through development and testing of a Toolkit in Effective Peace Programming, and follow-on support for the conflict sensitivity of their water aid into Lebanon. In addition, the Centre provides ongoing advisory support to Syrian civil society organisations as they plan for peace and political transition in the country, including short-term intern placements for Seton Hall students. Finally, the Centre has provided regular training programs on cross-cultural communication and conflict management, international mediation and negotiation, for academics and students in both the U.S. and China.


Current Projects

Conflict sensitive water management in the Bekaa

In support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


Supporting Syrian leaders working for peace

In support of select Syrian civil society organisations


Syrian civil society conference, Istanbul, Feb. 2021 © CCSD 

Cross-cultural Communication and Conflict Management 


Past Projects

Toolkit on effective peace programming

In support of the Human Security Division, Swiss FDFA


Integrated peace and conflict analyses for Yemen

In support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

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