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Policy Articles & Reports

What role does nationalism play in China today? (Unravel, December 2022)
By Zheng Wang

Ukraine's Wrong Lessons for Taiwan, (The National Interest, May 2022)


By Zheng Wang


STC & Political Context Update (Yemen Conflict Sensitivity Platform & Yemen Analysis Team April 2021)


By David Wood


Dangers and Opportunities in the Coronavirus Crisis: U.S. - China and China - Japan Relations, (Social Science Research Council’s special series on “Covid-19 and the Social Sciences,” August 20, 2020)


by Zheng Wang


STC declaration of “self-administration” and ramifications for humanitarian actors, (Yemen Conflict Sensitivity Platform & Yemen Analysis Team May 2020)


By David Wood


Conflict Sensitivity of Aid in Southern Yemen and Aden, (Yemen Conflict Sensitivity Platform, April 2020)

By David Wood


The Stabilization Facility for Libya - An Independent Strategic and Operational Review, (United Nations Development Programme, 2019)


By David Wood


Peace and Conflict Assessment of Libya, (January 2019)


By David Wood

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