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Mediating Conflicts between Groups with Different Worldviews: Approaches and Methods

Joint project with the University of British Columbia and CSS ETHZ Zurich

A Learning Process for Practitioners and Researchers

This action-​research project brings together peace practitioners and researchers to learn about methods for mediating conflicts between groups with different worldviews.

Paper Drafting & Workshop

Since 2020, case givers working on fifteen ongoing conflicts have presented papers on conflicts between groups with different worldviews and discussed different dialogue and mediation interventions in these conflicts. The presentations first took place online. In September 2021, the case givers and organizers met for face-​to-face workshop Switzerland. 

Current activities

Currently, we are pooling the key learnings (both on a conceptual and practical level) in an Action Guide, which will be published in the CSS Mediation Resources series. In addition to this Action Guide, case studies will be published in different formats. We will add links on the website as they are published

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