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Women Peacemakers - Before and After 1325

April, 25th, 2022

Women Peacemakers Before and After 1325

Women Peacemakers Before and After 1325: Learning Process on the Role of Women Peacemakers Globally – Conversation with Monica McWilliams, Signatory of the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland 


This was the sixth session of the Speaker Series on Women, Peace, and Security, which aimed to further the discussion on the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 and its implications in Northern Ireland, Europe. The event was co-sponsored by the United Nations Association of the USA, a program of the UN Foundation and by Inclusive Security.

We were honored to host Monica McWilliams. She was a signatory of the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland and was the lead negotiator for the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition, a political party elected to the multi-party peace talks. Monica McWilliams was elected to the first Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly and appointed as Chief Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission from 2006 -2011, drafting the advice on a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. 

Monica McWilliams has done incredible work within the civil society sectors and with supporting women and civil society organizations in different places around the world. She currently serves on the Independent Reporting Commission for the disbandment of paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland and she is the former chair of InterPeace, an international peace building NGO, and as Professor Emerita in the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University. She has published widely on the impact of political conflict on women’s lives and her recent memoir ‘Stand Up, Speak Out’ charts her activism over the decades from the civil rights protests in the 1960’s to the peace process in Northern Ireland. Monica is a recipient of the JF Kennedy ‘Profiles in Courage Award’.

Her work as a peacemaker, professor, and human and women’s rights advocate provided us with valuable insights about the critical roles women play in conflict resolution, peace process, legislations, policy and education.

Recording coming soon...

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