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Women Peacemakers - Before and After 1325

Discussion on the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 and its implications in Kenya, East Africa,

in commemoration of Black History Month.

This event centered around a discussion on the implementation of UN resolution 1325 and its implications in Kenya, East Africa in commemoration of Black History Month, co-sponsored by the United Nations Association of the USA, a program of the UN Foundation.

This was the third session of the Speaker Series on Women, Peace, and Security. We were honored to host Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan as the keynote speaker. Fatuma Adan is a lawyer and human rights activist. In 2003 she founded HODI (Horn of Africa Development Initiative), which promotes peace in the region and women’s rights. Her slogan is: “Shoot to score, not to kill”, with the aim being to score goals, not to kill people. That’s why she offers soccer coaching (soccer is a major passion among people in the North of Kenya) and organizes tournaments for the young people of rival tribes. In 2011, she received the Stuttgart Peace Prize, which is awarded by the Die AnStifter Organization. Adan won a Commonwealth Points of Light Award in 2018. Her work as lawyer, peace maker, and founder of the Horn of Africa Development Initiative will provide us with valuable insights about the critical roles women play in peace, education, sport, security, and policy making. 

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